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Hi, I’m a musician in Austin, TX.  I play guitar most of the time.  I’ve written plenty of music for instruments I don’t play. 

Lately, I’ve been making music for film and commercials.  Most recently, I created the music for an Invictus Fitness commercial. I scored John Estrada’s short Taco! Taco! Taco! with latin sounds.   Prior to that, I scored Kai Salim’s Bi-Definition using nothing but mouth sounds, hand percussion and bass guitar.

I’ve worked with Graham Reynolds and Peter Stopschinski as a composer and performer over the last 10 years and am a member of the board of directors of their Golden Hornet Project.

I play weddings with The Larkwood Ensemble, a guitar/violin/flute trio.  We have a repertoire of standards, pop songs, classical pieces and are pretty daring in our attempts to fulfill requests - reggae sounded surprisingly good on just guitar and violin.

You can take guitar lessons from me and I’m happy to give lessons on an as-needed basis.   I’ve studied classical guitar, music theory and delved into the world of jazz only to realize that I’m better suited to country pickin’ and rock.

I also offer music notation and transcription services.  I have used Sibelius for music notation since 2000. 

From 2008-2011, I worked as the assistant to Alissa McCain (Capitol View Arts, SxSW, TALA, Austin Creative Arts Alliance) at the Austin Music Foundation.   Our job was to create the educational seminars that AMF hosted and I met/hosted a lot of people in the music business that I would never have met otherwise.  I was AMF’s resident musician and I’ve continued to get questions and talk business with musicians ever since.  I started a blog called The Reluctant Band Leader to address the non-creative issues I hear musicians talking about.  I don’t have all the answers but I think that talking about them helps – even if it just allows us to vent.

I started the band The Invincible Czars in 2002.  The band has become most noted for its holiday shows but we’ve been making original music for rock clubs, silent films, dance parties and even kids’ shows even longer.   We also re-interpret classical music and perform our own versions of pieces like 1812 Overture in their entirety.  We have a standing annual performance of our silent film score to the 1915 film Martyrs of the Alamo at the Bullock State History Museum in Austin each March.  We’ve had a lot of drummers. 

I'm stoked to be back in Sweetmeat with some of my favorite musicians in town making smart, funny and soulful pop music.  There's been some drama, but we got it all worked out just in time for bandleader and head creative force Gina Holton to move to Deutscheland.

In the last few years I’ve gotten more into lyric writing and have written a few hours’ worth of songs. I recently created The Josh Robins Electric String Band Now With Drums as a vehicle to perform those tunes.  I’ve studied the songwriting craft alongside the likes of Kit Holmes and Jean Synodinos and am fan of Pat Pattison’s philosophies on lyric writing.

I’ve also played with Bee vs. Moth, Stinky del Negro, La Mancha and Golden Arm Trio. 

I really like Opposite Day, Tchaikovsky, NoMeansNo, Mr. Bungle, Van Halen, Ed Hall/Pong, Reverend Horton Heat, Neko Case, Dead Kennedys, Opeth, Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour, Louis Armstrong, Chet Atkins, Raymond Scott, The Beatles, Buck Owens, Scott Joplin, Sebadoh and just a ton of bands in the Austin area.


 CONTACT: jjsnibor @ gmail . com


Taco! Taco! Taco! from John Estrada on Vimeo.